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I tried to order Tag Away on-line. After many attempts to sell me more and more products and not being able to get out of this companies endless sales cycles, I exited their website.

I then ordered the product on the phone. Once again endless attempts to sell more and more different products I finally was able to order the product. The result is! They are sending a double order and have charged my credit card twice.

Stay away from anything that has to do with the "Plymouth Marketing Group", they are at the least unethical. At the most, they are a *** company.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #767265

Glancene.p They are doing it to me! No one will talk on the phone to you I tell you what's going on they are ripping people off and taking their money it is so sad that you can't order anything online and get what you pay for they wanted to take more money.and all I want to do I just want to cancel the whole thing I've been trying for 2 days to ima call the Better Business Bureau and call whatever other government to report this. :(

Temecula, California, United States #591859

The same exact thing happened to me. I wondered why I got two confirmation emails.

Then I noticed the two charges on my online bank statement. When I re-read the emails, I noticed that each one showed a different order #. I tried to contact the company by phone but couldn't get through. I then sent the company an email with no response.

Today I got two emails stating my products have shipped. I am furious and will see if there's anything my bank can do about the double charges.


They are doing the saame thing to me.

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